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 Photo showing newly fitted brick built chimney stack on a roof

Unsure what type of chimney your property has?

There are a few variations of chimney and flue types. Most companies now supply a whole range of fires to cover the different types of chimney that people may have. Once you have recognised which type your property has, it will then help you choose which products are suitable for your setup. We strongly recommend checking the product compatibility before purchasing so you know 100% that you're not left with a product that cannot be used.  We have fitters that come out free of charge, no obligation and carry out a full survey if you are not sure on what you can have. To arrange your consultation, contact us today.

Photo showing Class I Brick Built Chimney stack with four chimney pots and tv aerial on a roof

Class I - Brick Built Chimney

Class I - Brick Built Chimney will normally have either a terracotta pot or a gas terminal at the top of the stack. Brick Built Chimneys can either run up on the outside of the house (as shown) or internally with just the top of the stack showing above roof. The size of the opening you can have for your fire depends on the internal size of the chimney/flue. The minimum internal diameter will be 7", anything less will be a Class II setup. Almost any fire can be installed into a Class I setup including Hotboxes, High Efficiency Glass Fronted fires, Convectors and Solid Fuel Baskets, Stoves and Arches etc.

Photo showing Class I/II Pre Fabricated Flue image on a domestic house roof

Class I/II - Pre Fabricated Flue

A Pre-fabricated Flue is twinned skinned metal pipes (flue) that interlock with each other. It starts at the fire opening all the way to the roof top. The external flue will be finished off with a terminal at the top (as shown). Pre-fabricated Flues are mostly used in new build houses. There is a wide range of fires that fit in this setup, but the choice available to you will be dependent on how much depth there is.

Photo showing a Pre-Cast fireplace surround with open fire

Class II - Pre-Cast Flue

Pre-Cast Flues are made from hollow concrete blocks creating a vertical flue up through your house, terminating with a ridge vent (as shown). This setup is probably the shallowest of the flue types. There are a few ways to increase what products you can choose from. Some companies offer spacers for their products to allow part of the fire depth to be housed. If no spacers are available, the surround you choose may have a deep rebate to house the fire in. The rebate is the gap from the back of the leg to the wall. There are a few Slimline fires on the market now, which are purposely made for this situation and do not require hardly any depth at all.

Photo showing a man carrying out roof repairs on a domestic roof

No Chimney or Flue?

Many people come across this situation, possibly because previous house owners have had part of the chimney removed or blocked it off, maybe even the house never had one put in place from the start. Here are a few options available to allow you to have a gas appliance with a living flame effect.

  • Powerflue Fires
  • Balanced Flue Fires
  • Flueless Fires

Flueless fireplaces offer a great option for modern properties. Call today on 01702 551172

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