Fireplace showroom | Victoria House Fireplaces Ltd

Modern - Traditional

Looking for a marble surround/fireplace? Here, you will find everything marble! From traditional eye pleasing surrounds/fireplaces, to the ever popular sleek modern style, Victoria House Fireplaces has what you’re looking for!

Toni Oak

Wooden Surrounds/Fireplaces

Imperial wooden surrounds/fireplaces are ever popular, ranging in many colours, to made to measure sizes


Limestone Surrounds/Fireplaces

A huge range of natural limestone. Millions of years old, yet making your home simply stunning!

Odella White

Marble Surrounds/Fireplaces

Conglomerate Marble (real marble crushed down & mixed with resins) is hugely popular! Most now made to measure & available in a range of colours to suit your beautiful home!

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